Features that insert smiles

EnvelopeNow takes the pain out of managing scan marks and mail preparation. These features make it happen.

List of supported inserters

If it has an OMR reader, it's supported by EnvelopeNow. It places scan marks in the right place, every time.

Simple set-up

EnvelopeNow works with any windows environment for quick installation.

Duplex friendly

EnvelopeNow's setup wizard makes printing scan marks on any side of a page easy to configure.

Adapts to your printer

Don’t limit yourself because of your inserter. EnvelopeNow allows your inserter to work with whatever your printer can dish out.

Job templates

Create and save templates that can be used when you need them. Store multiple templates for all your different mailings.

Multilingual characters

Whatever language your documents are in, EnvelopeNow can recognize the characters to help you set up boundaries according to your rules.

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